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Semi-trucks can cause a lot of damage and devastation, if they are driven negligently. If you were injured as a result of a collision with one of these vehicles, you need to call an Atlanta, GA truck accident lawyer and benefit from their expertise with these unique cases. With personalized attention to every client, and dedicated, local representation, The Law Office of E. Brian Watkins, PC can guide you to a large settlement.

It is essential that you understand your rights and legal options before you proceed with a claim for compensation. This is especially true after a collision with a commercial semi-truck, because there are specific questions that the insurance companies will want answered. Our investigators will help you determine if driver fatigue, malfunctioning equipment, speeding, or some other factor played a role in the incident, and help you build an airtight case to take to the court or the negotiating table.

You have to act now to protect your rights. The Law Office of E. Brian Watkins, PC is waiting to go to work for you. With an Atlanta, GA truck accident lawyer from our firm, you can give yourself a chance at a stable financial future. Don’t get overwhelmed by mounting medical bills. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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